Train Like an Olympian!

With the Olympics around the corner, this is a good time to tune-in and watch the events on TV or online, even if it's not the track & field events.  I think you'll find it motivating.  The background stories of some of the athletes are motivating, but simply watching the best athletes in the world compete can also be very inspirational.  Push yourself this summer and make it the best training of your life!  Here is your task: How long can you train like an Olympian?  Meaning, how dedicated can you "Eat Right, Get Lots of Sleep, Drink Plenty of Fluids, and Go Like Hell"? (This is an old quote by Mark Allen that is plastered on the front of the DC Running Coach T-shirts).  

Be tough on yourself this summer.  Watch your diet, get sleep, don't skip workouts.  See what it's like to feel like a pro.  It's a different experience; a unique experience that can be very rewarding.  I don't care how fast you go.  I just want you to be dedicated to a fit, healthy, active, and rewarding lifestyle.  Watch the Trials and the Games and get inspired!  It doesn't mean you have to go above and beyond your current training program, it's just a reminder to be 100% dedicated to the program you are following.

Not everyone can go to the Olympics, but everyone can have the mentality of an Olympian!

Train hard!


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