Mike's Video Series on Run Form...Now Available!!!

Hello Everyone!

I hope that your 2020 is off to a great start!  My long-awaited video series on proper running form is now up on Youtube!  The brainchild was ~6 years ago, but it's finally done, whew!  Many of you reading this blog made a small investment in me when you signed-up for coaching.  Otherwise, I hope you find the video series beneficial.  Please feel free to share!

I'll eventually add more videos to my Youtube page, like a "Coach's Corner", as in a series of short 1-5 minute videos where I discuss various topics (e.g., sections of my book), so subscribing to the DCRC Youtube Channel also helps.

Here are the quick links to the videos in the series:

Video Intro A - General points and philosophies:

Video Intro B - Background info on Coach Mike:

Video #1 - Arm Swing:

Video #2 - Posture:

Video #3 - Stride Rate (cadence):

Video #4 - Stride Length:

Video #5 - Foot Strike:

Video #6 - Closing Thoughts:

Have a great 2020!


P.S.  As you'll see, the main 3 videos (the "main beef") on stride rate + stride length + foot strike are loooong, and that is intentional, as these 3 topics are the "main beef".  I elected not to break the longer videos up into even smaller ones because it would potentially scramble the order of them when someone was watching, so for simplicity's sake, I stacked the videos just as I present them during a Running 101 session.

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